Attilio Boni


Till the end of 2021, CEO-Managing Director with over thirty years of experience in FMCG markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia (China & Korea) and North America. Working alongside the Founder of the Bolton Group, and then with his daughter, Marina Nissim, he built the Bolton International business from scratch. He contributed to the launch of the iconic Rio Mare (or Saupiquet) brand in more than 40 countries, achieving leadership in over 20 countries from Western and Eastern Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Far East. He also launched the iconic Bolton personal care brand, Borotalco, in more than ten countries, reaching the top market positions among large multinational players. He has also contributed to the success of leading brands such as Smac, Wc Net, and Merito in Europe and the Middle East.

In the board of Italia del Gusto, an Italian Consortium of leading Italian Food Companies till 2021

In January 2022 I founded GrowGlobal srl.


We are members of ESMA

GrowGlobal is an associate member of ESMA, a non-profit organisation of Distributor and Manufacturer Organisation for consumer goods.

ESMA in numbers:

  • More than 138 members across
  • More than 65 distributors
  • 44 countries involved


GrowGlobal is Industry Expert at Cavour

Cavour Corporate Finance is a specialized finance company that offers services for businesses and entrepreneurs.


We do well what we know well, for the rest we partner with:

Greg Seminara founded Export Solutions in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Export Solutions food distributor database helps more than 3,000 companies fast track the process of identifying qualified distributors. Specialized in brands sold through supermarket, foodservice, and pharmacy channels in 96 countries.

Find out more about Greg Seminara and Export Solutions:

OC&C is an international consulting firm with expertise focused on a few core specialisms, allowing its customers to deliver results that get noticed. The Company has more than 30 years of unpicking the most complex business challenges with simple, uncommon sense™.

Leading advertising agency.

Idealab is a creative agency based in Lugano, Switzerland.

Idealab helps its customers to implement strategic solutions aimed at achieving greater visibility on the market. The practical and concrete approach helps to create long-term relationships with customers and partners.